Open Water Coaching

Whether your new to open water swimming or a seasoned athlete, We could help you improve your stroke/ technique in the water. 

We can also offer beginner coaching for those that wish to build confidence in open water whilst having the comfort of a sheltered environment to develop in.

Introduction to open water

If your looking to get an insight into open water swimming, this is the course for you. We will guide you through the essentials that make swimming in open water more enjoyable/ comfortable


Clevedon Marine Lake


1hr 30 Hours 


Stroke improvement 

Through stroke analysis, we can help you to improve areas of your stroke that have been holding you back from your true potential. 


Burry Port and Clevedon marine lake



Private Coaching 

We can offer Bespoke private coaching to ensure you get the most amount of feedback possible from a session. We can arrange regular sessions to track progress and produce training plans to accompany all recommended improvements.


Burry Port and Clevedon marine lake

1hr 30min

£50per session or multi session discount