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United Kingdom Trips

Explore the hidden gems that the UK has to offer by swimming. From the Coastal spectacles of the British Coastline, to the wonders of swimming in the Lakes/ Rivers throughout the country. We offer both day trips around South Wales and multi day trips in Wales, England and Scotland. 


Pembrokeshire Coastal Adventure

If your looking to explore Pembrokeshire but avoid the crowds, this may be the solution. Get to see the great wonders of Pembrokeshire up close and personal from the water whilst exploring the hidden sea caves and features along the way. 

3 days

3-5km per day


Snowdonia Lake Adventure

If your looking to explore Snowdonia and its lakes, this trip is for you. Discover the exhilaration of swimming in a mountain lake with iconic peaks all around you.

3 days

2-4km per day

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